Featured: Marisa Boras

From Marisa:
Hey! I’m Marisa and I am currently a Public Relations major at Belmont University, in Nashville, Tennessee. I worked at Big Picture Media, a PR firm over the summer in New York City.

1. Where are you originally from? Why did you choose to move to NYC?
I am originally from southern Connecticut, about 45-60 minutes away from NYC on a train. I commuted to and from the city three times a week for my internship. I chose to work in NYC for the experience of working in a fast paced environment and for the networking opportunities that would come out of it.

2. If you are in school, and moved to the city for an internship, how did you figure out your living situation and expenses? If you moved to NYC for work, this applies too.
Because I was commuting, my expenses included train tickets, subway passes, and cab rides. They don’t seem like a lot individually, but they add up pretty fast. I worked a job on the weekends and I also did some freelance videography, which helped to pay for those costs. New York is an expensive city, so I definitely had to keep a close eye on my expenses.

3. How did you find your internship or work in NYC? Talk a little about your experience, and why it helped that you were/are working in NYC.
I found out about the internship through WATK, actually! I had seen some people talk about it before so when I saw the posting for the internship, I went ahead and applied right away. I heard back from Dayna, the owner of the company within a week and we scheduled an interview. I interviewed in April and I started working in June. The first week I was there, I learned how to use Cision and Constant Contact, as well doing a ton of press clips, press books, and putting together emails that would be sent out to different press outlets. It felt really overwhelming at first but it was really easy to get the hang of! One of my jobs over the summer was to update the Warped Tour press lists and combine them into one big excel. It took weeks but it was really rewarding! As an intern, I also got invited to some cool events and shows that our clients played.

4. If you are not living in NYC anymore, was it worth it? What did you get out of your experience, and would you do it again?
I didn’t live in NYC, but commuting was definitely worth it! I learned so much about the whole PR world overall and gained experience with programs that I will be using in my future in PR. Dayna was the greatest and she’s been nothing but supportive with writing me references and letting me interview her for my Intro to PR class at school since I interned there. I would do it again in a heartbeat. The staff was wonderful and being in the city was a great experience. I loved it!

5. Pictures
The first picture is one from my last day in the office. I’m the one in the red flower headband! The next two are ones of the outside of the building and the Flat Iron building, which was a block away. The CD’s are ones that were some of our clients at the time. The office has a CD wall which anyone is allowed to grab some from! The last one is a picture that I almost dropped my phone out of a cab to take. New York is the most beautiful city in the world.

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