How To Get On Warped Tour: Feature #5 Adam DeAngelis

My name is Adam DeAngelis and I’ve traveled on the Vans Warped Tour ‘07, ‘08, ‘10, and ‘11. All four years I was working for the organization I co-founded, 11:11 A.M. For 2010 and 2011, we represented the Dear Jack Foundation while on the tour. The Dear Jack Foundation was founded by Andrew McMahon (frontman for Jack’s Mannequin/Something Corporate) and raises money and awareness for young adult cancer research.

I sort of fell into the job and didn’t think I would travel on the Warped Tour. When I co-founded 11:11 A.M., I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. With the help from my friends Jenny and Melly, we were able to raise thousands of dollars for young adult cancer research. This lead to expanding our staff (some of the most amazing people I know), collaborations with clothing companies, and traveling on the Vans Warped Tour.

For my first year, we didn’t have enough funds to send out two people. We were then approached by Airport Tapes and Records (Andrew McMahon’s former record label) to sponsor us. In return for promotion, we were given the opportunity to send two people on tour, myself and our publicist at the time. My story is a good example of why it’s important to network. It’s all about networking. Through meeting people and raising money for an awesome cause, I was able to travel on the Vans Warped Tour year after year. Before Warped Tour, my friends and I traveled to local shows selling our merch for donations. We started out really small and soon grew into something larger than anyone could have imagined. It may take a lot of work but you’ll get there if you try.

This past summer on Warped Tour (on top of working all day) I filmed a documentary about what it’s like to travel on the tour while working for a non-profit. You can view the progress of it here: (Trailer coming soon…)