If you’ve spent time volunteering on the Warped Tour in the past, make sure you’re consistently updating the people on the tour you made connections with throughout the year. Let them know what music related projects you are currently working on. Also, keep a list of possible companies/vendors/non-profits you are interested in working for along with their contact information (you WILL need to do some research to find contact information). Keep in touch with what they are doing with their company, and make sure you let them know of your interest to work with them. Watch out that you aren’t being too pushy or persistent. If you don’t hear back from someone, it’s ok to follow up a couple weeks later, but don’t badger them more if you still don’t hear back.

The more connections and contacts you have, the easier it will be to get on the tour. If you’re emailing a bunch of companies that don’t know who you are, don’t be discouraged if you only hear back from one company in every 20 companies- these people are busy, and rarely have open positions for people they haven’t previously worked with. Even if you barely hear back from anyone, it will be a learning experience, and you’ll still make connections through all of your output. It just depends whether this effort is worth it for you! Because like I said- it isn’t easy!

Back in May, I wrote up a post on WATK about my own personal experience with trying to find a job on the VWT, and what I learned from it. To read that, click here.