Warped Tip #2: Make it Out to Multiple Dates- To Volunteer

If you can, schedule yourself to volunteer for multiple dates of the tour. This doesn’t mean “follow the tour and your favorite bands in your car and spend lots of money on hotel rooms ect” This means, if it is feasible for you to volunteer at multiple dates- do it. The experience of seeing more than one date of the tour in the same summer will give you a different perspective on how the tour works. Also, you will set yourself apart to the vendor you are volunteering for by being available to volunteer more than once. If you are able to volunteer for more than two dates, try volunteering for a couple different vendors to get an idea of how different people run their business each day. While your walking around the grounds on your second or third day, wave or say hi to the people you made connections with on your first day of volunteering!

Still confused on vendors/business/volunteer opportunities? Go on youtube and watch a summer’s worth of pit reporting videos from Tiffany Mink or Brian Walsh- they’ll cover all of the bases for you!

Most importantly, through volunteering you’ll gain connections and experience in the Warped Tour community. Your boss for the day will be somebody who is on the tour full-time; a position you eventually want to be in. Make sure to take advantage of them to get your questions answered and gain personal advice on how to put yourself in a position to be on the tour. DON’T BE SHY ABOUT SHARING YOUR GOALS! If you want to be on the tour, ask how to do that!

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