How To Get On Warped Tour: Feature #2 Tom Falcone

My name is Tom Falcone, I am a 20 year old freelance photographer. My first time on Warped Tour was ‘09 with There For Tomorrow. I was riding with the guys for around a week or so. This was my second tour ever. I was going into my senior year in high school. My first tour was the Take Action tour when I was a sophomore in high school with Anarbor (Hopeless Rec). I met the TFT guys when I took their Glamour Kills Clothing promotional photos in Poughkeepsie, NY that year.. We stayed in touch briefly and they enjoyed my photos. Come summer time, I was looking to get my name out there (still being under 18) and I hit up Ryan, their TM at the time, and asked if I could come hang out for a week or so…Things got confirmed with their mgmt etc etc and I went with it. I crashed in their back lounge for the time, and was my first bus experience as well. On the bus was a bunch of non-pofits that I have become extremely close to, to this day, I can call some of my closest friends.

I networked extremely hard that summer (even though I was out for a week) and met a lot of great people. That is key. Network, and don’t make a fool out of yourself. Hopefully I will be out on a summer tour this year so I can meet you all! Cheers

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