Warped Tip #1: VOLUNTEER!

You have never volunteered on Warped Tour before:
-Around April/May/June stay updated on WATK. Last year around that time, I posted over 15 volunteer opportunities on the Warped Tour. It is almost guaranteed that you will be able to find something! In the meantime, try to make sure you have some sort of street teaming experience on your resume. You will need to apply for most volunteer positions on the Warped Tour, and street team experience is something your employer might look for!

You have volunteered for a year or more on Warped Tour:
-Remember that your success in this industry will be heavily based on the people you know, and have connections with. If you are consistently volunteering each year, make sure to stay in contact with the people you worked for. Ask them your questions and also ask them for advice. Just because you have volunteered for more than one year, doesn’t mean you are ready or qualified for a full-time job on the tour. You can never volunteer enough, so if you aren’t in a position where you are a candidate for a full time job just yet, read my next tip coming up tomorrow!