How To Get On Warped: Feature #1 Allie Madigan

My name is Allie Madigan and I was on Warped ‘10 & ‘11 working for VersaEmerge and then Vans. I was determined to get on tour the summer after my junior year of college, so I hit up any one I knew that was going to be on the tour. I had interned for Fueled By Ramen, so I had met and made contact with the band’s managers. I reached out to all of FBR’s bands’ managers asking if they had any positions open and VersaEmerge said there was a possibility of bringing out a second person for merch. A week later, the band came into the office and I told them how much I wanted to go out with them, so they called their manager and told him to hire me. After lots of working through the kinks (budget, bunks, catering, etc) they hired me. It was rough though, because I had to find my own bunk since there wasn’t an open spot on Versa’s bus. It took a long time (and pestering) to confirm the job and bunk (between January and April), but I finally made it out. I got my job with Vans for 2011 when the girl who had my job the previous year was unable to do the tour. I had met Amanda the previous year and she thought I had the skills and personality to handle the media for the tour. Ultimately, I got both of my jobs thanks to networking and having a positive attitude. No one wants to bring a Debby Downer out with them. Go out, meet people, and slap a smile on your face!


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    I met Allie at warped this past summer, she’s the sweetest!
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